-Woke up in Nairobi (there's a first!) to the sound of a rooster crowing (there's another first!)

-Swang...no, hahaha, I swung... why do neither of these seem correct, they both are twanging in my head...anyways i sat on a moving seat beneath this HUGE GLORIOUS b. tree and tried to read Pilgrims Progress, however i like swinging far too much too make any real progress....*sigh* This charming dilemna continued until breakfast, after which we (myself, the rents, and Sarah) bundled ourselves into the van/military looking tan vehicle and began our journey to Tenweck.

-Apparantly it was a four hour drive; through Nairobi, over some pass, through the Great Rift Valley, and then out into the more mountaineous region in whose leafy arms is cradled the much anticipated Tenwek Hospital.

-Pause in the Rift Valley. Let me preface the upcoming description that this drive was not advertised as a safari....but, to our incredible delight, along the side of this parched road we saw; giraffes, zebras, massai herdsmen in their iconic garb/pose, and frollicking groups of gazelle. It was truly magical....needless to say, that four hour drive went by rather quickly.

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