Don't Knock it till....

1. A Collaberative/Spoken Word Project  cacophony the harmony of intention. wonderful.

2.  The greatest drawing tool... especially the sketch setting.

3.  all that is good is wild and free! dressed in tartan with loafers!

4. ....Finally! someone realized that being manly can be art form.

5.  Easy vegan recipes!

6. it is mad fun. so smooth. so silky:) make your own music. literally bouncing here.

7.  keeping it classy Ralph Lauren, and wonderfully artistic as well.

8.  I dare you to not grin. It works like a charm, and though I myself am not suceptable to Lay's potato chips, on this site, you really cant 'just have one'. It is impossible to stop.

9. The archive of Christian apologist's, Ravi Zacharias', talks. An incredibly insightful man, it is substance for my soul.

10. The blog for John Piper's ministry; Desiring God. I grew up with his sermons and he is an author/preacher for whom I have the utmost respect for and who has fed me greatly.

11. Let me suggest this darling collameration of all that is neo-traditional. Sometimes one wishes to indulge in the 'cute', and this truly satifsies.

12.  ...because I REALLY like Harry Shum Jr.

13. Etiquette for a Lady