-From Chicago to Amsterdam. Wasnt in the least bit sleepy so on this 8 hour flight i watched 'The King's Speach', 'Despicable Me', and a few shallow chick flicks which i tired of and fastfowarded to the end for emotional closure.

-Stop. Four hour layover, best inconvienance any airline has ever subjected me to. I absolutely love this airport. There was a library in it, a rather modern/inticat set up of couches, reclining chairs, interactive displays, and in general colorful furniture. It is a sleek setting in general. I have never before witnessed such an intentionally pleasant area of waiting. There was a recessed maze of nusing rooms dimly lit and hung with dark sheer fabrics, a childrens area with bright carpeting and construct playground, a music lounge, a meditation room, the aforementioned library juttison shelves in which each level was dedicated to a different language, and a number of techy countertops. I also feel obligated to mention that while there, for breakfast, i had freshly squeezed orange juice, fresh carrot/some other orangy delight juice, and small danish pancakes. If I werent so excited to go to kenya i might have prolonged this stay.

-Amsterdam to Nairobi. Landed in Africa! Unfortunately my bags did not.

-Was picked up (bag-less) along with a 3-rd yr resident who was also going to Tenweck, inspiring to meet someone further along the road:), and was taken to a menonite guest house. Absolutely, breathtakingly, incredibly, almost awkwardly beautiful. the full trees. the flowers. the buzzing delicious air. its all here. its the outskirts of nairobi at the dead of night. We are experiencing sensory overload yet cannot wait for more! craving the light of day.

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