Musical Inclinations

Sufjan Stevens
His christmas album freaking all year round. There is no fighting the magic.

Melody Gardot
Old vibe, but still fresh. Her album 'My One and Only Thrill' literally carried me through a horrifying summer physics program. Not only is her music surface level incredible, but her background story is one which i respect. She was hit by a car at 19 and used music to help her recover from serious serious serious injury. She is supersensitive to sound, thus the impeccable pronunciation. All in all, she is an artist of integrity and on my list of superb bipeds.

Bon Iver
Lets just say that ever since one of his concerts in which a grown man cried on my shoulder, so beautiful was the experience, this man has had a permanent place in my heart. He is the musical Thoreau. He freaking went into the woods to...well, no, that is where the parallel ends because he did not plan on making music deliberately or suck the marrow out of life, in fact, he was sort of running out on a bad relationship and broken band; but the music he created while in this isolation is truly incredible. Haunting and beautiful. Best suited for dark night highway driving summertime with windows down.

Kings of Convenience
Absolutely darling down to their music videos. Paired to the memory of an amazing trek out to Lake Blance in Washington. They are a very engaging mixture of light sound but weighty lyrics. Album: 'Declaration Of Dependence'

Regina Spektor 
What can one say about Regina? Completely unique and wholly enchanting.
I have her to thank for the 3 week survival in the cherry factory. She is just way too cool. Aghhh! I always sound so inane when I am overwhelmed, she is simply an magnificent artist. I say artist because she has gone beyond merely recording and taken it there. I went there because she went there.

He is not as pretty as he sounds, but he sounds really really pretty. It is an incredible mix. Indescribable really. Something spanish, and island, and jazzy, and vibrant. I had it playing all throughout the week leading up to my sisters wedding in the big house so now it is tied to the croatian family reunion and my little nieces dancing with that darling baby hip thing that all toddlers do so well.

Iron and Wine
Ran off to Calgary Folk Festival two summers ago to see him. It was incredible. Amazing time with two friends, living like classy bums (because we actually had a car and biodegradable lavender shampoo and a whole stash of that instant manly man camping food in bag stuff) He is a real artist. One man and his guitar on stage was enough to lull us all unto picnic blankets on a grassy field. No shuffling/pushing up front to get as close as possible; maybe it was just full of really polite canadians or maybe he just puts on the most relaxing show on earth? 

Esperanza Spalding
She rocks my socks. Amazing voice, a deeper sort of jazz that never goes stale. She plays the base cello and sings and has absolutely awesome hair all at the same time. She is a special artist. See tracks 'Chim Chim Cher-ee' and 'Little Fly' for verification.

Jamie Cullum
Raw voice and raw talent (both meant in the best way possible). Another artist who really is an artist. 'If I Ruled The World' is, was, may forever be one of my favorite songs. He is respectable and that is not debatable.

Jon Foreman
If you play this in your car, the transitions between home and school will become a cherished part of your day. He sings psalms, he sings about....well, many things but it is all restorative to my soul. Being a 'christian artist' usually is accompanied by a stereotypical inferiority within the musical genre, which makes Foreman all the more refreshing. His music is incredible.

Susana Baca
Legitimate. I now know why the word 'exquisite' exists.


Rodrigo y Gabriella
Spanish Irish accents. Can you get much cuter? Yes you can; listening to these darling accents swear like sailors. Witnessed the raw talent at Sasquatch Festival. They put on a clean show. two people, two chairs, two guitars. AMAZING finger work and a fresh fresh fresh upbeat tempo and composition. It is spicy.

Hiromi Uehara

A few goldens that never leave you. The album 'The Living Road' is absolutely incredible. Check songs 'Con Toda Palabra' and 'Anywhere On This Road'. If you like Cormic McCarthy (which I do) then her music will absolutely appeal to you. Warning, it is unsettling stuff, much like a female, spanish, version of Tom Waits.

For the first time in my life, I have within my grasp a Christian music group who is not subpar. I am incredibly excited. Absolutely suggest 'Armstice' and while listening be intentional about pairing the experience with a printout of their lyrics in front of you. Road trip material (and that is a major compliment). Lead singer has a beautiful voice, beautiful in a real and grabbing, not soft and pretty, sort of way.

Imogen Heap

Al Green


Passion Pit

Norah Jones
And to imagine that I once thought Norah was only for old people!
No one can deny she is talented and continually enchanting. Big fan. 

Ingrid Michealson
She used to be merely cute, but with that 'Parachute' single she sort of catapulted out of cute and into the realm of forces to be reckoned with. 'You and I' is almost too adorable.

Ray Charles

Akron Family

James Brown

Jose Gonzalez

The XX
For some reason, in their album, it is their intro that has me utterly fixated. It is actually hard to continue forward. Not my usual genre, but they are worth stepping out of one's comfort zone.

The Dodos

Amen sister, amen. Talent.


Tom Waits 

Rain Dogs, the album, will never be surpassed, though the multi cd product of brawlers, bawlers, and bastards was a very Tomish production. Some of his tracks are too much and I cant handle it, but that is really part of the appeal. His voice, unlike most, seems to just get better and better as the smoke damage to his lungs increases.


Gotan Project


Israel Houghton
He does a fresh job with gospel music and base.
Big fan.

Emiliana Torrini 

Korean Jazz artist, interesting combination no? Well, this mix baby is beautiful.