Conformity. A hard film worth watching.

Just watched this rather, well, painful is the best word to describe the experience, insightful documentary. By 'painful' I am in no way implying poor quality, but rather the conveying of an aching story; the story of the people of North Korea.

  A sobering glimpse into the fear driven society revealed, the absolute reverence offered to the 'dear leader' is reminiscent of pharaoh-king-worship. However this ruler's tactic of control I find completely terrifying; disloyalty to the party will not merely lead to punishment of the individual, but rather betrayal to the party on any level will land one's entire extended family into labor camps.

   I feel very much, that a wrong like this is too large for a mind to truly grasp, an incomprehensible existence, yet one that is worthy of life dedication towards its rectification. The mingled fear and worship exuded by the recovered cataract patients literally sickened me. Ironically, I had just revisited Ayn Rand's 'Anthem' this thanksgiving; I found the parallels bone chilling.

  With the utmost sincerity I strongly encourage all to be intentional to know the world around us, not only its joys within our sphere, but the oppression within others'.

  One observation made in the film by one of the undercover cameramen is that it is impossible to tell which reactions are true veneration and which are merely play acting out of fear; but that after such a long time in this state, perhaps absolute reverence and absolute fear have merged into one.

 It is at this point that I am seriously questioning what I can do. Now that I know, have seen this smallest of element of the real tyranny persisting, I am not ok to simply continue on.
Something must be done. I must do something. Really, we all must.

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