'Bomb It' by Jon Reiss, an ocular spectacular film.

I went through a period of my life completely transfixed with urban art. A thrilling two years of highschool when i honestly thought that graffiti artwork was my future. It was thrilling, it was empowering, and it made me feel as though the city belonged to me

It is just such a strong medium. every move is a powerful statement. pencil takes shading, markers are, well, dont even get me started, nothing compares. The closest feeling to graffitiing is grabbing a handful of paint and smearing it about. instant gratification. 

Tagging, i feel is just annoying, not about the artistic expression or the message but claiming property in an incredibly childish way. Like a dog peeing on a corner. Graffiti artistry is however a completely different story. I remember being in Barcelona, Spain and it speaks and expresses the culture in a completely different way than does the graffiti of New York, or hahahaha, I'll say it; Wenatchee. Public space is not, nor can it ever be completely neutral. Space is possibility. and when this possibility is grabbed not by advertisements but by art, well, i say; 'BRAVO!'

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