-My bag arrived last night! Hallelujah! Clean clothes!

-Went for a run this morning down to the waterfalls. it felt much more like a cross training event the road is so pithed with potholes and puddles, but that fast pace quick feet avoid obstacle style jog is so incredibly satisfying, so invigorating, it makes one feel incredibly hard core. Simalar to those over-charged car commercials or juice ads where the person climbs mount everest for a capri sun. My companions at 6:19 am included two donkeys (for whom i had to cross to the other side, so ambivalent were they to my intimidating hurtling form) two woman making their way to the well(as i assumed from the buckets balanced expertly upon brightly swathed heads), one mooing cow (inside a fence thankfully) who scared me half to death(so sudden was its moo), one school child, and the gyspy kings (go shuffle).

-on the walk back from the clinic my path was crossed by the charge of a tibe of little blond and black half naked bodies as the gang of MKs (mission kids) charged their way towards....well, who on earth knows but it must have been something exciting. One of the moms, standing on the stairwell patting a two month old bundle and looking on commented that "Yes, this is a child commune." It looks like a lovely childhood. The sounds of screams, squeels, laughter, and crying mingles nicely with the ever constant tropic bug buzz. At precisely 1:30 every day add to that caucophony the rolls of approaching thunder. It is the rainy season here.

-strangely, within the incredibly limited collection of kitchen appliences and utensils....i found one of those special contraptions to make a bunt cake. There arent any mixing bowls, no full set of dishware, and i cannot find a normal baking square glass or whatever those things are called, but, if the time comes in which a bunt cake is called for....we can produce:)

-I AM HOLDING A REAL LIFE LEGTIMATE  TEA LEAF AWKWARDLY IN MY LEFT HAND AS I TYPE THIS. tea farm. tea plant. saw it. pickers are paid 5 shillings for 1 kilo. bought 1 kilo for 10 shillings.

-Oh yes, and i am being absolutely blessed by Francis Chan's 'Crazy Love', Elena's beloved copy of 'Pilgrim's Progress', all the nice little books of the bible that i have never given much time to before, a funny collection of shorts by Jerry Seinfeld, and am pounding away (well pounding may really be a bit too aggressive of a verb) at OChem....another funnel for the non-clinical hours is our family unit's new hobby; Monopoly Deal....it gets sharky. We play with candles, mango juice, and the repeated interuption (and by interuption i mean my mother stands, waves, shouts, and makes a generally dangerous display of bodily movement) by moths.

-Made lentils today. ...hmmmmm, how unecessary to document. They were delicious. Felt very proud actually.

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