What more felicity can fall to creature
Than to enjoy delight with liberty?

       I have just finished reading Surprised By Joy by C.S. Lewis. Quite an interesting book. I wasn't blown about under the torrent of logical word construct and persuasive speech as I have been with his other books, nor was reality broken down from its confusing picture into digestible tidbits as it is within Lewis' power to do, no in fact this work completely lacks the on-track purpose, like a teachers lesson plan for the day, the skeleton which gives body to the rest of his non fairical works...no, this was just a nice comfy chat with the man, not so much clarification but rather his life story in a laid back stroll along his conversion tale.

       I cant say that it has very much changed me, but rather like I found a new friend....or discovered a friend behind the correspondence of fiction and the more serious stuff through which we had previously been attempting to communicate.

       I spent the entire day chatting with my new chum. 
Oh how I love these sort of days, all tea and fruit and switching couches.

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