When i look back at life, and excuse such an unqualified person for feeling old and weary, i see that the most blessed of times were those that were not exactly restful or easy. Rather the experiences from which i drew the most of life were often hard or tinged with pain. When your life is shaken up, everything feels as though it has crashed, yet as the dust settles you are able to see clearly that something did remain. It is the foundation of who you are, the truth of your existence....sort of the necessities of life.

Music, literature, film and all the other venues of expression offer something incredible in that we are able to share in experiences and the truths of others, fold another's life into our own and learn from the lessons that we ourselves have not yet experienced. Art is an expression of the synthesized life truths of the artist. Things like this can often be hard, emotionally, to encompass, it may add to the painful memories and the tears of our own heart and eyes, but i feel that it is important to do so. I think that the more i read, the more i am touched by the lives of strangers, the greater my life becomes because it is more than just me...the more i learn about others, the more i learn about myself...or as i once heard about books in particular; becuase it is fiction, it always has the possibility of being about ourselves...

Look back, find what made you cry in real life, then remember which movies and books did the same, and it will tell you alot about who you are.

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