"To wonder is, for a brief moment, to remember that we have forgotten the miracle of bare existence."

Melody Gardot, a TRULY legitimate artist. I just feel an overwhelming desire to share. she was in an accident when younger in which she suffered serious head and spinal injuries and her pelvis was broken in two places. and with the repercussions lost her ability to speak, was confined to strict bedrest in a hospital for a year, and the effect of the neural injuries she suffered left her hyper-sensitive to both light and sound she began humming as therapy and is now involved in developing a program for music therapy and the management of pain. PS READ SIDDHARTHA ...in accompaniment with buddhism- she calls herself a siddhartha in regards to her 'art of suffering'- she speaks of how "to be truly Buddhist is to let everything go, your memory, your expectations"

Calls herself a siddartha
The 'art of suffering'.
Her only possessions fit in two suitcases which she takes on concert tours.

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