The GREATEST literary scene ever (my apologies Mr. Leackock, you are fantastic as well)

An excerpt from the Emily of New Moon Series done by LM Montgommery. Yes, yes, yes, she also wrote Anne of Green Gables. I am afraid however that poor Emily has been horribly under-appreciated for quite some time now.
Anne, (in comparison) lacks Emily's of depth, and despite her tangled dreams settles for being a doctors wife and the vice-president of the local book club. Rainbow valley offered quite an anticlimactic end to such a promising character. Emily on the other hand is all moonlight and suffering writer who pursues her personal destiny with determination and aching fair. Strangely I do believe...well, nevermind, no shout outs to freinds who remind me of literary characters.

"To-night Aunt Ruth came home with a portentous face.

"'Em'ly, what does this story mean that is all over Shrewsbury--
that you were seen standing on Queen-street last night WITH A MAN'S

"I knew in a minute what had happened. I wanted to stamp--I wanted
to laugh--I wanted to tear my hair. The whole thing was so absurd
and ludicrous. But I had to keep a grave face and explain to Aunt

"This is the dark, unholy tale.

"Ilse and I were 'dandering' along Queen-street last night at dusk.
Just by the old Taylor house we met a man. I do not know the man--
not likely I shall ever know him. I do not know if he was tall or
short, old or young, handsome or ugly, black or white, Jew or
Gentile, bond or free. But I DO know he hadn't shaved that day!

"He was walking at a brisk pace. Then something happened which
passed in the wink of an eye, but takes several seconds to
describe. I stepped aside to let him pass--he stepped in the same
direction--I darted the other way--so did he--then I thought I saw
a chance of getting past and I made a wild dash--he made a dash--
with the result that I ran full tilt against him. He had thrown
out his arms when he realized a collision was unavoidable--I went
right between them--and in the shock of the encounter they
involuntarily closed around me for a moment while my nose came into
violent contact with his chin.

"'I--I--beg your pardon,' the poor creature gasped, dropped me as
if I were a hot coal, and tore off around the corner.

"Ilse was in fits. She said she had never seen anything so funny
in her life. It had all passed so quickly that to a bystander it
looked exactly as if that man and I had stopped, gazed at each
other for a moment, and then rushed madly into each other's arms.

-Lets Give Ms LM Montgommery a hand shall we?

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Anonymous said...

AHAHAHAHA that's hilarious!!! I would have laughed so hard if I saw that happen! It has almost happened to me actually. That would be so embarrassing!