When has the partaking of food been more than a shoveling of necessary nutrients into your body? many times you say, well how about the next level up? When has food reached the climactic experience of being almost an unearthly occurance?
  I have reached into the realms of the divine only a few times on the transport of edibles. For myself it was similar to reaching an oasis in the middle of a formidably long desert. It was on a long journey through the wilds of Canada open to dirt-poor students on a road trip. Myself and two other adventurers had been living off of insta-meals meant for wild bushman hunting bears...aka Jenaliegh's father. It was upon this tastless meal that we had been soullessly sustaining our bodies upon for 3 three days. Understand, we are young and three days felt like a lifetime. I had forgotten the bitter yet beautiful edge of salt. The crisp, mint clearing effects of mint. The only temperatures my lips had experienced upon contact with a fork were 'TOOAHAHAHAHA HOT' and 'sat-in-the-dead-fire-much-too-long-luke-warm'. In essence, I had lost sight of the fact that eating could bring the same sense of awe and appreciation as visiting a fine arts gallery.
   -Notice the past tense of this anectode, 'had forgotten', thankfully my friends, I have made it back to the right and proper side of this drasticly significant fence-  Then however luck, or fate, or why not even give the credit to God.... something turned for the better the day we crossed into the indian reserve, for we touched, if but for just one meal, we touched civilization in the form of a canadian diner out 11 miles from Bamff National Park.

  It was beautiful.

 Real food, on plates, with cutlary and fresh crisp napkins.
   The food was real. not molded into anothers shape, the cheese substance was more than a duplicate impression, more than a just-add-water mix, it was in purity of form; real.


      I simply cannot verbalize the magnificance of this moment.

       To sum it up in one word I would be able to do so only with the following;


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