I have come to understand, in a rather brief flash of lucidity, why Christian Theism appeals; our covenant with Christ. That is one of the essential keys of the multiplicity of worldviews that I am unshakable malaise with, some sort of vague distrust; their lack of covenant. As put into rather more understandable words in what proved to be a ridiculously long introduction to The Epic of Gilgamesh, the people of the day, existed in a society of pluralistic deities and were thus constantly living constantly under ’a haunting fear that the unaccountable and turbulent powers may at any time bring disaster to human society’.  

I would literally go insane if I were to resign myself to such a fate. In all the  stories I have read these so called 'deities' seem much more akin to a fickle group of adults with childlike whims and petty arguments; toddlers with tempers only topped by their destructive powers, than any sort of transcendent, good, loving, or deserving leaders. Let me introduce you to my high school senate; making eternal decisions with unrestricted power.

 In the eternal gamble I choose bonds over stocks.

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